The meanings of the Italian words magari and infatti

The different meanings of magari and infatti

Magari and infatti are two common Italian words that Italians use daily. But these two words do not have only one meaning and can be used in different ways.

Do you think you know all the meanings of these two Italian words and how to use them?

If not, keep reading because today you’ll learn how to use magari and infatti.


Magari can have different meanings in Italian. In course books some of these meanings are taught sooner, some others, instead, are taugth at intermediate or advanced levels. However, if you happen to have an Italian language partner, you’ll probably learn all the meanings pretty soon, since the word magari is really very used in Italian.

Magari can mean:

1. Forse – maybe


a. Magari domani passo a trovarti
Maybe I’ll come by and see you tomorrow

b. Non risponde al telefono, magari è occupato
He’s not answering the phone, maybe he’s busy

2. Semmai – used to suggest that something may be the case

Ex: Sai cosa? Magari, se vieni, dammi prima un colpo di telefono
You know what? If you happen to come, give me a call first

3. Sì, se possibile – yes, if it’s possible

+ Vuoi che ti accompagni a casa?
– Eh, magari!
+ Do you want me to bring you home?
– Eh, if it’s possible, yes.

Moreover magari can also be used to express:

4. Hope and desire


Hai davvero vinto la lotteria?
Eh, magari!
Did you really win the lottery?
Eh, I wish I had!

5. Regret

Ex: Magari l’avessi saputo prima! Non l’avrei mai comprato.
I wish I knew it! I’d never buy it.


Also the Italian word infatti is very used and can have several different meanings. Let’s see them.

1. It’s used to confirm or explain something you’ve just said

Ex: Oggi fa caldo e infatti la maggior parte neve si è già sciolta.
Today’s hot, and indeed most of the snow has already melted.

2. To give an affirmative answer

+ Hai dovuto pulire tutto tu, vero?
– Infatti!

+ You had to clean everything, isn’t it?
– Indeed!

3. To express irony

Ex: Mi ha detto che mi avrebbe restituito i soldi a giugno e, infatti, non s’è più visto.
He told me he would give me my money back in June and, clearly, I’ve never seen him again.

Now that you’ve learnt the meaning of magari and infatti and how to use them, why don’t you try to make some sentences with them.


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