How to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy: respect all the bans

How to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy: respect all the bans

If you want to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy, you’d better read this article first.

Indeed, Italy can be a beautiful land but many cities, usually the most famous ones, are full of bans you have to respect if you dont wan’t to end up getting a fine.

Let’s see some of them.

1. Wear a swimsuit

The first think you don’t want to do to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy is to wear a swimsuit. Yes, you got it right! In some Italian cities, such as Rome and Venice, you’ll get a 250 euros fine if police catches you walking in a swim suit in downtown.

Be careful because walking around shirtless will get you in troubles too, even if it’s very very hot outside.

2. Swim in a canal

When they go to Venice, many tourists behave as they were in any ordinary seaside city, and so, to them, diving and swimming in a canal sounds a very reasonable idea. However, it’s not. Indeed, swimming and diving in canals in Venice is a major ban and you can get a 350 euros fine.

3. Drinking alcohol

In Rome there’s a strict ban involving alcoholic drinks. In fact, from 10pm to 7am you can’t drink any alcoholic drink in glass bottles if you’re in public streets. From 11 pm this ban gets stricter and forbids anyone to drink alcoholic drinks in any kind of container.

4. Camping

This should be obvious but for some tourists it’s not. Camping in non-designated areas is forbidden, basically in every Italian town. This ban is stricter in big cities such as Rome or Venice, where you’ll risk getting a 200 euros fine if you don’t comply.

5. Drinking water

If you want to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy without getting a fine another thing you should pay attention to is how you drink water.

Yes, there’s even a ban that involves drinking water! This happens in Rome and involves public drinking fountains.

You can drink water from there without getting a fine but only if you do that in the right way.

So, just remember not to put your mouth on the tap.

6. Ride a bike

The last ban I’d like to add to this list involves bikes. In Venice riding a bike is now banned, so don’t think about doing it even for a second.

If police catches you riding a bike you’ll risk getting a 100 euros fine.

If you want to spend a wonderful holiday in Italy and you’re interested to know more about Italian bans, have a look at How to spend a memorable holiday in Italy: avoid getting a fine

Do you know any other important ban?


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