How to spend a memorable holiday in Italy: avoid getting a fine

How to spend a memorable holiday in Italy: avoid getting a fine

Italy is one of the most visited European countries.

However, when you get there, you may learn at your own cost that there are lots of bans, especially in major cities.

So, if you want to spend a memorable holiday in Italy, you’d better know at least some of the things you shouldn’t do if you want to avoid getting a fine.

1. Stealing sand, rocks, and shells

The first thing you should know to spend a memorable holiday in Italy – without getting a fine – is that you can’t steal sand, rocks and shells. This ban applies in many Italian coastal towns, especially if you’re visiting Sardinia. It’s necessary to protect natural environment.

So, if you wanted to take some sand to bring it home as souvenir, think twice, because you can get a fine – and fines range from 500 to 3,000 euros.

2. Wearing Flip-flops

I know what you’re thinking, “What? I can’t even wear flip-flps? That’s crazy!”

But what if I told you there’s a reason for that?

This ban applies to the destination Cinque Terre in Liguria, and its purpose is to keep you safe.

In fact, people usually choose to go to Cinque Terre for the sea. Most of them are unaware that Cinque terre is also full of trails similar to the ones you find in the mountains.

When they find out, curiosity takes over but there’s a problem: they put in their suitcase only flip-flops or sandals.

At this point, people think isn’t a big problem and just decide to go hiking waring flip-flops.

Unfortunately, this has led to many tourists getting injured. So, the authorities have decided that from now on everyone caught hiking wearing flip-flops will get a fine ranging from 50 to 2,500 euros.

3. Bathing in historic fountains

If you think that you can have a memorable holiday in Italy by bathing in historic fountains, think twice. Bathing in historic fountains in Rome is forbidden.

If police catch you, you’ll probably end up getting a fine.

And, by the way, it’s also forbidden throwing objects or liquids in fountains, bathing animals, climb on fountains, and, of course, damaging them.

4. Drinking and eating

Dont worry, you don’t have to starve during your holiday! But remember that in Venice it’s forbidden to drink and eat while sitting on the ground, on monuments, steps, bridges, and in some other areas – it’s better to check them – or you’ll get a fine ranging from 100 to 200 euros.

5. Feed the pigeons

Another ban you should be aware of if you want to spend a memorable holiday in Italy is the one concering pigeons. Feeding them is forbidden. So, if you’re in Venice and you see a small cute pigeon, think twice before feeding it. If you feed pigeons, you’ll risk getting a fine ranging from 50 to 500 euros.

What are some of the major Italian bans you know about? Is it the same in your country?


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