Difference between Italian imperfetto and passato prossimo

Difference between imperfetto and passato prossimo

One of the most difficult Italian topics for English speakers is understanding the difference between imperfetto and passato prossimo. These two tenses are very different compared to how English speakers use simple past and present perfect, so at the beginning, imperfetto and passato prossimo are usually felt as very confusing topics. So, today I’m going to explain all the main differences between the Italian imperfetto and passato prossimo. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IMPERFETTO AND PASSATO PROSSIMO IMPERFETTO Imperfetto is used to talk about past habits or past repetitive actions. Example: Quando ero bambino il sabato andavo sempre a catechismo When I was…

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Learn the Italian past tense Passato Prossimo

Learn the Italian past tense passato prossimo

Talking about past actions is very important in every language. Italians use many different tenses to talk about past events. In this article, you’re going to learn the Italian past tense passato prossimo. Knowing passato prossimo is very useful since it’s one of the most used past tenses in Italian. Let’s start learning when and how passato prossimo is used in Italian. USE The Italian past tense passato prossimo is used to: • Indicate events happened in the past but that have still effects on the present. These events can have a temporal or an emotional closeness to the speaker…

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