How to train your memory

Sleep well

Who has never had problems memorizing new words or numbers? I remember how I struggled when I had to learn 60 or more new German words in a few days when I was in high school. To memorize them, I sat with my course book trying to find some Italian words that had a sort of link with the German ones. For example, I still remember that I associated the word Artz – doctor – with the Italian word arto – limb. Doctors fix limbs too, isn’t it?    Growing up I discovered that memory can be trained and improved.…

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What’s your learning style?

Learning styles

Each one of us has a preference for a learning style. For example, you may process and remember information better if you listen to them, while a friend of yours has to read them to get the same results. Researchers have come up with different models of learning styles. One of the most common is Neil Fleming’s model that divides learning styles into visual, auditory, kinesthetic and verbal. LEARNING STYLES – NEIL FLEMING’S MODEL VISUAL You find it easier to process information that you see such as graphs, pictures and tables. AUDITORY You find it easier to retain information through…

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