The imperfect tense in Italian

Italian verb tenses are one of the areas where learners struggle the most. One of the main difficulty is talking about the past correctly in Italian. Indeed, in Italian there are many verbs that can be used to refer to the past. Two of the most used verbs in standard Italian to talk about the past are passato prossimo and the imperfect. I already explained how to form passato prossimo and when and how to use it in another article: Learn the Italian past tense passato prossimo. In this article, instead, I’ll focus on the imperfect tense. IMPERFECT Imperfect is…

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Let’s learn the meanings of the Italian verb farsi

The meanings of the Italian verb farsi

In every language there are words that have multiple meanings – Have a look at Tricky words in Italian: Italian homographs. When learning a foreign language, like Italian, these words are usually some of the most tricky to learn, even if they’re widely used. One of these words, for example, is the English verb to get. Another one is the Italian verb fare. So, today, you’re going to learn some of the meanings the Italian verb fare has. FARE Fare usually mean to do or to make. Examples: a. Sto facendo del mio meglio I’m doing my best b. Sta…

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