Eight common Italian phrases – Italian slang

Have you ever wondered why after years spent studying Italian on course books, you’re still struggling to understand what Italians say? There are actually many possible reasons. One of these is that the language you usually study on course books and the language Italians use isn’t always the same. I mean, it’s always Italian, sure, but while on course books you generally study standard Italian, in Italy, in everyday life, you’ll hear many common Italian phrases typical of Italian slang. I already write an article about Italian slang. Today, I want to add eight more common Italian phrases typical of…

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Seven Italian slang expressions

Seven Italian slang expressions - Che palle!

Language learning is a difficult process. You need to master grammar, vocabulary, and when you think you know everything about a language, here comes the slang. It doesn’t matter if you studied Italian for years or if you hold a degree in foreign languages, when you’ll visit Italy, you’ll discover that Italians use many expressions you didn’t even know they existed. Expressions that you don’t generally learn from coursebooks. Expressions that are part of the Italian slang. So, with this article I’m starting a new series about Italian slang. Let’s start with the following seven common expressions. CI SEI? The…

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