The main Italian prepositions – con, su, per, tra, fra

Italian prepositions - con, su, per, tra, fraIn a previous article I talked about the main Italian prepositions di, a, da, in. Today, you’ll learn the other ones: con, su, per, tra, fra.

Prepositions are invariable words which can precede nouns, pronouns or infinitives.

Let’s see some of the uses of the main Italian prepositions con, su, per, tra, fra.


Generally means with and can indicate:

A relation of some kind
Example: Anna sta cenando con suo fratello -> Anna is having dinner with her brother;

A quality or characteristic
Example: Guarda che bello quel cucciolo con il fiocco rosso -> Look how lovely is the puppy with the red bow;


Can indicate:

A topic
Example: Ho guardato un film su Malcom X -> I watched a movie about Malcom X;

An approximate indication of age, price or measure (height, weigt, etc.)
Examples: Ho visto il ladro! Era un uomo sui 30 anni… -> I saw the burglar! He was a                      man around 30 years old;                                                                                                              Questa macchina fotografica costa sui 1000 € -> This camera costs around                      1000 €; Matteo è molto magro, pesa sui 60 kg -> Matteo is very slim. He                            weighs around 60 kg;


Can indicate:

The person or thing to whom an advantage or disadvantage is brought
Example: Sto facendo gli straordinari solo per te! -> I’m doing overtime only for you;

The price something is sold or bought
Exmple: Ho comprato/venduto questa macchina per 15.000 € -> I bought/sold this car for 15.000 €;

The reason why a person has been sentenced
Example: E’ stato condannato a 1 anno di carcere per furto -> He’s been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment for theft;

A substitution of someone or something for another person/object
Example: Scusa, ti ho scambiato per un’altra persona! -> I’m sorry, I’ve mistaken you for another person;


They have the same functions and can indicate:

A relation with someone or something
Example: Avanti, raccontami tutto, sei tra amici! -> Come on, tell me everything, you’re among friends!

The location of someone or something
Example: La scuola si trova tra la banca e l’ospedale -> The school is between the bank and the hospital.

Elementary Italian grammar


I hope I have helped you to learn some of the uses of the main Italian prepositions con, su, per, tra, fra.

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