Renting apartments in Italy – Things to know

Renting apartments in Italy – Things to knowItaly the homeland of DaVinci, Raphael, Giotto, the land of astonishing architectures like the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa. Italy the land of food. Italy, your dream!

If you too are in love with Italy and have finally decided to follow your dreams and move to Italy, this article can be helpful for you.

In fact, today you’ll learn about renting apartments in Italy.


The majority of Italians who want to rent one or more apartments in Italy go to an estate agency.

There are many different estate agencies in Italy, but usually they are different from region to region. In Lombardy and Piedmont, for example, one of the most famous is Tecnocasa.

Nowadays almost every estate agency has its own website. So you can take a look through their website and choose the apartments you’d like to visit comfortably from your home before heading to the agency.

When you get to the agency be sure to specify if you’re looking for a monolocale, bilocale, trilocale, quadrilocale, etc:

Monolocale: Studio apartment
Bilocale: Two-room apartment
Trilocale: Three-room apartment
Quadrilocale: Four-room apartment

How is the number of locali – rooms – calculated in Italy?

Here comes the difficulty. In fact, the only locali that should be calculated are the living room and the bedrooms. However, each estate agency generally calculate locali differently.

Thus, for example if for an agency a trilocale is composed of a living room and two bedrooms, for another one it’s composed of a kitchen, a living room and one bed room.

So, my advice is to specify the number of bedrooms you need right in advance.


When visiting a house your task is to check if everything is ok and to point out everything that is not.

Rarely, you might also find some estate agent that points out defects to you but let’s be honest, their job is to sell or rent a house so remember to check and try everything you can – walls, windows, balconies, roller shutters, etc – and to ask a lot of questions.


There are some things you should consider when renting a house in Italy. Let’s see them while learning some Italian vocabulary about renting.

  • APE: It’s the energy performance certificate. It tells you how much energy a house uses. The most energy-efficient homes are rated A, the least efficient are rated G.
  • IPE: It’s another energy performance certificate that tells you how many Kwh per m2 you have to use to warm a house every year.
  • Impianto elettrico a norma e recente: electrical system conforms to legal standards and not too old
  • Riscaldamento autonomo: independent heating
  • Riscaldamento in comune: common central heating
  • Spese condominiali: service charges
  • Dipingere/tinteggiare la casa: – painting the house

And don’t forget to read contratto di affitto/locazione – Lease agreement – carefully.

How much will it cost me?
Each agency might act differently. Usually, they ask for one month rent. In addition, you usually have to give to your landlord an advance payment of one month rent and a deposit of three months rent maximum.


That’s all. I hope I’ve helped you in case you want to move to Italy and rent some apartments in Italy.


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