Let’s learn Italian soccer words

Let's learn Italian soccer words

Benefits of physical activity on learning abilities are widely known. Memory boost and better concentration are only two of the many benefits you can get with some physical activity – Have a look at Learn languages faster for more info.

And if you’re thinking “No thanks, I’m lazy, physical activity is not really my thing” maybe you should think about physical activity in a different way.

Don’t think about it as something tiring but as something that can be fun.

And it can! Think about a walk with your best friends. You walk and chat, you chat and walk and without even knowing it you’re actually making some healthy physical activity. Or think about team sports like volleyball or soccer, they can be so fun you don’t even realize you’re actually making some physical activity.

One of the most famous Italian team sports is actually soccer – calcio in Italian. But you already knew it, didn’t you?

So, today I’d like to focus on some of the most common Italian soccer words, you know, just in case you decide to play a match in Italy with some friends.

Let’s start from the very basic Italian soccer words.

If you’re playing just for having fun with some friends you don’t need un allenatorea coachuna divisaa uniform – and usually not even le scarpette da calciosoccer shoes.

However, you have still to make some decisions before starting una partitaa match.

For example, in quale ruolo giocherai?What position will you play? – Will you be un difensorea defenderun attaccantea forwardun centrocampistaa midfielder – or un portiere a goalkeeper?

Chi sarà il capitano della squadra?Who will be the captain of the team?
And ci sarà un arbitro?Will there be a referee?

Now that you’ve made these decisions, you can start la partitathe game.

When playing, remember that if you fate/commetete un fallo o una scorrettezzacommit a foul or misconduct – there will be consequences. It can be un’ammonizionea cautionun’espulsionebeing dismissedun calcio di punizionea free kick – or un calcio di rigorea penalty kick.

To win the match, as you know, you have to fare più reti/gol possibilimake as many goals as you can.

To do so you first have to rubare la palla agli avversaristeal the ball from the opposite team – usually by contrastando l’avversariotackling a player of the opposite team.

Once you get the ball, you usually fate dei passaggicross the ball – and scartate gli avversari/fate un dribblingdribble round the opponents – to get close to the area di rigorepenalty areaper tirareto shoot.

Ok. It’s all for today. These are really the most basic Italian soccer words.


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