Let’s learn Italian slang

Let’s learn Italian slangOn books you usually learn standard Italian, it’s easier and it allows you to talk with everyone in Italy without problems.

However, if you’ve visited Italy often, you may have noticed that in every Italian region you go, slang is also used.

Italian slang can be difficult even for Italians because it can change from region to region.

So, knowing Italian slang can be useful if you decide to spend more than a month in Italy.

Today you’re going to learn Italian slang, just a few words, don’t worry.

1. Bordello

If in standard Italian bordello means brothel, in Italian slang it can have at least three different meanings.

It can mean a mess or chaos, and it can also mean a lot of.


a. ‘Sta stanza è un bordello
This room’s a mess

b. Alla festa c’era un bordello di gente
There were a lot of people at the party

2. Botto

The Italian word botto can have at least three meanings in Italian slang.

It can mean accident, fireworks, and also a lot of/a lot.

a. Hai visto che hanno fatto un botto vicino alla rotonda?
Did you see they made an accident near the traffic circle?

b. Hai visto i botti ieri sera?
Have you seen the fireworks yesterday night?

c. Mi piace un botto ‘sta canzone
I like this song a lot

3. Figata

The word figata is used in Italian slang to say that something is cool or very cool.

Ex: ‘Sto computer/gioco/telefilm è una figata!
This computer/game/tv series is very cool!

4. Imbucarsi

In Italian slang imburcarsi means to enter a party without being invited.

Ex: Sabato ci siamo imbucati alla festa di Paolo
We crashed Paolo’s party on Saturday

5. Scroccare

Scroccare in Italian slang means to get something free making someone else paying for it.

Ex: Martedì ho scroccato una cena a Francesco
I scrounged a dinner from Francesco on Tuesday


Where did you learn Italian slang? What’s the best way you know to learn Italian slang? Can you come up with some other Italian slang words and expressions?


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