Do you know the meaning of these Italian slang words?

Do you know the meaning of these seven Italian slang words?

As you’re well aware of knowing Italian slang words can help you understand Italians better.

In fact, the majority of Italians uses several Italian slang words in everyday life, sometimes without even realizing it.

So, in this article you’re going to learn the meaning of seven common Italian slang words.


Sclerare is a very common Italian slang word. It means to get angry, to be out of your mind, or to be very stressed out.

This word can be used both as a verb and as an adjective.

Let’s see some examples:

a. Quando ha scoperto di essere stato bocciato ha sclerato
When he discovered he had failed the year, he freaked out

b. Certo che Luca è sclerato! E’ una settimana che dorme solo tre ore al giorno per prepararsi per gli esami!
Of course Luca is stressed out. It’s been one week now he’s been sleeping only three hours a day to prepare for the exams!


This typical Italian slang expression means to pretend not to know something or to pretend not to understand something.


Non fare lo gnorri! Sai benissimo che mi devi dei soldi!
Don’t play dumb! You know very well you owe me some money!


This expression is used to indicate that someone has been very busy or has had some unexpected problems. It can be referred to the present, past or future.


a. Ciao, mi dispiace, non sono proprio potuta venire alla cena ieri, ho avuto dei casini a casa
Hi, I’m sorry, I couldn’t come to your dinner yesterday, I’ve had some problems at home

b. Pronto? Scusami ma adesso sono davvero incasinata, cosa ne dici se ti richiamo io verso le 18.00?
Hello? I’m sorry but I’m really busy right now, what if I call you back around 6pm?


In standard Italian beccare means to peck. However, in Italian slang, beccare can have different meanings. The most common ones are: to catch, to suprise, to meet, to sting, to hit.


a. L’hanno beccato mentre svaligiava una banca
They caught him while he was robbing a bank

b. Sai, ieri ho beccato Riccardo dal carrozziere. Erano anni che non lo vedevo
You know, yesterday I met Riccardo at the mechanic’s. It’s been years since I last saw him

c. Cavolo! Quella zanzara mi ha beccata!
Damn it! I just got stung by that mosquito!


Also the reflexive form of the verb beccare can have different meanings. Some of the most common are: to catch, to take, to bicker.


a. Ti sei beccato proprio un bel raffreddore!
You caught a really bad cold!

b. Daniele e Lucrezia si beccano sempre!
Daniele and Lucrezia are always bickering!


Pizza is one of the most famous Italian foods. It’s so famous that it’s basically known all around the world.

However, few people know that there are also some Italian slang expressions with the word pizza, like che pizza!

If you say che pizza, you’re saying that something is very boring.


Che pizza! Questa riunione non finisce mai!
What a bore! This meeting never ends!


This Italian slang expression means to slap someone.


Mi ha alzato la gonna, così gli ho tirato una bella pizza!
He lifted my skirt up, so I slapped him!

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Did you already know these seven Italian slang words?


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