Italian shoes – In an Italian shop

Italian shoes - In an Italian shop

Italian shoes are famous all around the world, together with Italian fashion.

Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo are just some of the most famous Italian brands related to shoes – and not only to that.

If you travel to Italy, and visit some of the biggest cities, I’m sure that between cultural tours you’ll manage to take some time for yourself to do some shopping.

And I’m also pretty sure that you’ll stop at least both in an Italian shoes shop and in an Italian clothes shop.

So, in this article you’ll learn some vocabulary and sentences that you can use in an Italian shoes shop.


Ciabatte: slippers
Infradito: flip flops
Sandali: sandals
Mocassini: moccasins
Sneakers: sneakers
Scarpe da ginnastica: gym shoes
Ballerine: ballet shoes
Scarpe col tacco: high heeled shoes
Stivali: boots
Anfibi: combat boots; waterproof boots
Stringhe: shoe laces


Cintura: belt
Borsa: bag
Borsa a tracolla: shoulder bag
Pochette: purse
Portafoglio: wallet


Let’s now see some Italian sentences that can be useful if you enter an Italian shoes shop.

As always, the first thing you should do when entering an Italian shop is greeting the shop assistant, so you’ll say buongiorno – good morning.

The shop assistant will usually ask you:
Buongiorno, posso aiutarla? – Good morning can I help you?

If you entered the shop just out of curiosity and don’t need anything special, you can reply:
No, sto solo guardando, grazie – No, I’m just looking, thanks.

By contrast, if you’re searching for something in particular, let’s say some sandals, you can reply:
Sì, sto cercando dei sandali – Yes, I’m looking for some sandals

Now, the shop assistant will probably ask you some question to try to help you:
1. Che numero? – What size?
2. Che colore? – What color?
3. Che tipo? – What type?

And you can answer like this:
1. 37 – I’m a size 37
2. Non lo so – I don’t know
2. Li vorrei rossi, ci sono? – I’d like them red. Do you have them?
3. Vorrei dei sandali con la zeppa – I’d like some wedge sandals
3. Vorrei dei sandali infradito – I’d like some thong sandals
3. Vorrei dei sandali con tacco alto – I’d like some high heeled sandals

At this point the shop assistant will show you some types of sandals: c’è questo tipo, c’è quest’altro – there’s this type, there’s also this – and you can say: questi mi piacciono; questi non mi piacciono – I like these; I don’t like these.

Once you’ve find some sandals you really like, it’s time to try them and see if they fit well.

If you find the sandals are a little bit loose or tight you can say:

Sono un po’ larghi/stretti – They’re a little bit loose/tight
Posso provare un numero in più/in meno? – Can I try the larger/smaller one, please?

If, instead, you find they’re uncomfortable, you can say:

Sono un po’ scomodi – they’re a little bit uncomfortable

If, finally, you find that the sandals fit perfectly, you can say:
Sono perfetti – They’re perfect
Quanto costano? – How much are they?

If you’re satisfied by the price you can say:
Li prendo – I’ll take them


When it’s time to pay, the shop assistant will usually ask you:
Paga in contanti o con carta? – Do you pay in cash or by credit card?

And you’ll reply:
Pago in contanti – I pay in cash
Pago con la carta – I pay by credit card

That’s all for today. I hope I’ve helped you learn some basic Italian vocabulary and sentences related to Italian shoes.

If you want to learn Italian with me, feel free to contact me. The first 30 minute lesson is free.


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