Italian multiple meaning words

Italian multiple meaning words

In Italian there are many words that carry more than one meaning.

You’ve already learnt some of these words in Six Italian double meaning words.

Today, you’re going to learn 5 more Italian multiple meaning words.


The word campo in Italian can have several meanings. Campo can indicate:

a. An area of land, especially where crops are grown.

Ex: Là c’è un campo di grano
There is a field of wheat there

b. An area for military drills, or where sports are played

Ex: Questo è il nostro campo di calcio
This is our soccer field

Ex: In questo campo militare si fanno esercitazioni
In this military camp we do military chills

c. An area of study or research

Ex: Lavora nel campo della medicina
He works in the field of medicine

d. A series of waves that carry sounds, messages, etc.

Ex: Il mio cellulare non ha campo qui. E il tuo?
My cell phone has no signal here. What about yours?


The Italian word appunto is part of the list of the Italian multiple meaning words. Appunto can have several different meanings but the two below are probably the most common ones. It can mean:

a. Something that you wite down during a lesson

Ex: Durante le lezioni prendo sempre appunti
I always take notes during lessons

b. Indeed, exactly, precisely

Ex: + E’ pazza!
– Appunto per questo le ho fatto credere di essere dalla sua parte.
+ She is crazy!
– That’s exactly why I made her believe I was on her side


Pubblico in Ialian has at least three meanings. It can mean:

a. Something supported by public funds

Ex: Marco ha frequentato un’università pubblica
Marco attended a public university

b. Something available for anyone to see or use

Ex: Ci sono pochi telefoni pubblici in città
There are few public telephones in town

c. A group of people who watch and listen to a radio or tv show

Ex: Il pubblico iniziò ad applaudire alla notizia
At the news, the audience began to clap


The word complesso in Italian can have several meanings. Complesso can indicate:

a. Something consisting of different parts and usually difficult to understand, deal with, etc.

Ex: E’ un processo complesso
It’s a difficult process

b. A group of buildings

Ex: Questo complesso abitativo è stato costruito nel 1990
This housing complex was built in 1990

c. An emotional/psychological problem

Ex: Sara ha bisogno di aiuto. Soffre di tanti complessi
Sara needs help. She suffers from many complexes

d. A musical group or band

Ex: Questo complesso suonerà sabato sera
This band will play on Saturday night


Also affetto is in the list of the Italian multiple meaning words. In fact, affetto has at least three meanings. It can mean:

a. The people you care about

Ex: Riuscirà a restare più di un mese lontano dai suoi affetti?
Will he manage to stay away for more than one month from his loved ones?

b. A sickness someone is afflicted with

Ex: Mario è affetto da demenza
Mario suffers from dementia

c. A fondness or affection for someone

Ex: Provo dell’affetto per te
I care about you


Did you already know all the meanings of these 5 Italian multiple meaning words?


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