Italian linking words – Insomma, and allora

Italian linking words – Insomma, and allora

Linking words are those words that show how two or more ideas or sentences are related to one another. So, they are used to join clauses, sentences and paragraphs.

Linking words are essential to express concepts logically.

That’s why today I’ll tell you how to use some Italian linking words correctly.

1. Insomma

Insomma is the first of the five Italian linking words of today’s list. Insomma can be used in many different ways in Italian.

It can be used to conclude or sum up something you were saying.

Ex: Le alte temperature stanno sciogliendo i ghiacciai, senza considerare che gli schemi delle precipitazioni stanno cambiando. Insomma, dobbiamo fare qualcosa per fermare il riscaldamento globale.
The heat is melting glaciers, not to mention changing precipitations patterns. In conclusion, we’ve to do something to stop global warming

In addition to be used as an Italian linking word, insomma is also used as an exclamation.

It’s used to express impatience, to end someone’s hesitation, to rush someone’s decision, to invite someone to answer, act, stop doing something, etc, for the second, or third, time.


a. Insomma, vieni o no?
Do you want to come or not?

b. Insomma, la volete smettere?
Will you stop?

Finally, when used alone in an answer insomma can also mean so and so.

Ex: + Come va oggi?
– Insomma…
+ How are you today?
– So and so

2. Allora

Allora is another very common Italian linking word. Allora can have several meanings.

As a linking word allora indicates a conclusion and means in this/that case.

Ex: Come? Non ti piace? Allora non voglio insistere
What? You don’t like it? In that case, I won’t insist

As a linking word allora can indicate a consequence.

Ex: Avevo fame e allora ho ordinato una pizza
I was hungry and so I ordered a pizza

In addition to be used as a linking word, allora is also used in interrogative and exclamative sentences to get someone’s attention.


a. Allora? Com’è andata?
So? How did it go?

b. Allora? Sei pronto?
Well? Are you ready?

Another meaning of the Italian word allora is back then, at that time.

Ex: Allora non sapevo che fosse un ladro
Back then, I didn’t know he was a thief

Finally, allora is used to start a new speech, and also to make a pause and give yourself time to think before saying something.


a. Allora, passiamo al bilancio
So, let’s move on to the financial report

b. Devo controllare la mia agenda. Allora, vediamo, sono libero venerdì
I need to check my schedule. Well, let’s see, I’m free on Friday


Do you know how to used these Italian linking words now? Why don’t you try and make some sentences.


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