Italian idioms with the verb prendere

Italian idioms with the verb prendere

If you love Italian idioms, here’s a new article for you.

Today you’re going to learn six Italian idioms you can form using the verb prendere.

1. Prendere per il naso

The Italian idiom prendere per il naso literally means to take by the nose. Idiomatically, it’s used when you want to say that someone cheated someone else out or that someone was making fun of someone else.

a. L’hanno preso per il naso facendogli credere che aveva vinto un premio
They made fun of him making him believe that he had won a price

b. L’ha presa per il naso facendole credere che l’avrebbe sposata
He treaked her making her believe he would marry her

Some more vulgar alternatives to prendere per il naso are prendere per il culo and prendere per i fondelli.

2. Prendere con filosofia

Prendere something con filosofia means not to get angry when something annoying happens.

Ex: Se l’autobus è in ritardo di 30 minuti, non arrabbiarti, cerca di prenderla con filosofia!
If the bus is 30 minutes late, don’t get angry, try to be philosophical about it!

3. Prendere per i capelli

Prendere per i capelli literally means to take someone by the hair. Idiomatically, it means to save someone in extremis.

Ex: Quando è arrivato era in condizioni critiche. I medici l’hanno preso per i capelli
When he got here, he was in critical conditions. Doctors saved him in extremis

4. Prendere con le pinze

Prendere con le molle literally means to take by the tweezers. This idiom means that you shouldn’t believe immediately something you hear.

Ex: Prendi con le pinze quello che ti ha detto Lucia perché non è troppo affidabile
Take with a pinch of salt everything Lucia said to you because she’s not very reliable

5. Prendere la palla al balzo

Prendere la palla al balzo means to seize the opportunity.

Ex: Marica non poteva più andare al concerto, così Sara ha preso la palla al balzo e ci è andata al posto suo
Marica couldn’t go to the concert anymore, so Sara seized the opportunity and went to the concert in her place

6. Prendere per la gola

One of the meanings the Italian idiom prendere per la gola can have is to win somebody over cooking him/her a good dish.

Ex: Mia moglie mi ha preso per la gola
My wife won me over cooking a good dish for me

There are many other Italian idioms that can be formed with the verb prendere. Do you know some of them?


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