Italian idiomatic expressions with the verb andare

Italian idiomatic expressions with the verb andare

It’s always useful to know some Italian idiomatic expressions if you want to impress people with your command of the Italian language.

So, today I’m going to explain eight Italian idiomatic expressions with the verb andare.

1. Non andare giù

When you don’t like a situation or you can’t stand it, you can use the Italian idiomatic expression andare giù.

Ex: Questa situazione proprio non mi va giù
I don’t like this situation

2. Andare a ruba

An item va a ruba when there’s so much demand for it, that it’s always flying off the shelves.

Ex: L’ultimo modello della macchina fotografica che stavo cercando è andato a completamente ruba
The last model of the camera I was searching for flew off the shelves

3. Andare a monte

When something va a monte, it fails or it doesn’t happen any more.


a. Il nostro piano è andato a monte
a. Our plan failed

b. La nostra vacanza è andata a monte
b. Our holiday came to nothing

4. Andarci con i piedi di piombo

When you do something con i piedi di piombo, you do something with caution.

Ex: Quando tocchi quest’argomento con Luigi, vacci coi piedi di piombo
When you touch this subject with Luigi, proceed with caution

5. Andare da sé

The Italian expression andare da sé means that something it’s obvious, logic.

Ex: Hanno preso la macchina di Marco senza dirglielo, va da sé che lui si è infuriato
They took Marco’s car without saying anything to him, it goes without saying that he got pretty mad

6. Andare a gonfie vele

When something va a gonfie vele, it goes pretty well.

Ex: Il loro matrimonio va a gonfie vele
Their marriage is going pretty well

7. Andare a fondo

The Italian expression andare a fondo can have different meanings. One of these is to go deep into something.

Ex: Dobbiamo andare a fondo della questione
We have to go deep into the matter

8. Andare a zonzo

The Italian expression andare a zonzo means to wander without having a precise destination in mind.

Ex: Ieri non abbiamo fatto niente di che, siamo andati un po’ a zonzo per la città
Yesterday we did nothing special, we wandered around the city

What are your favourite Italian idiomatic expressions with the verb andare?


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