In an Italian office – Useful sentences

Italian officeWhether you’re working for an international company or you’re about to start a new job/stage in Italy, knowing some basic sentences you can use in an Italian office can be useful.


When it comes to greetings, there’s nothing new you need to know. General formal and informal Italian greetings are all you need to start your day off right in an Italian office.

So, use buongiorno if you want to greet your boss or people you don’t know and ciao for colleagues you know well.


If you’ve just started your new job in an Italian office, it’s possible you’ll be invited out for lunch by some of your colleagues. Here’re some of the sentences you could hear:

Vai a casa per pranzo?
Do you go home for lunch?

Noi ci andiamo a prendere un panino al bar, vuoi venire?
We’re going to a bar to get a sandwich, do you want to come with us?

Andiamo a mangiarci una pizza?
Do you want to go and eat some pizza?

Noi andiamo a mangiare, vieni con noi?
We’re going to have something to eat, do you want to come with us?

In case no one asks you anything, you can take the initiative and ask:

Cosa fate per pranzo?


Let’s see some of the sentences you could hear during coffee break in an Italian office.

Ti va un caffé?
Do you want some coffee?

Ci prendiamo/beviamo un caffè?
Do you want to drink a coffee?

La macchinetta del caffè è rotta
The coffee machine is out of order

In case, like me, you don’t like coffee at all, you can always reply:

Non bevo caffè ma prendo volentieri un tè/una cioccolata
I don’t drink coffee but I’ll get some tea/hot chocolate


Here are some sentences you can hear in an office:

Dov’è la fotocopiatrice/il fax?
Where’s the photocopier/fax?

La stampante/fotocopiatrice non funziona/è rotta, bisogna chiamare il tecnico
The printer/photocopier is out of order/is broken, we should call the technician?

Quand’è la data di consegna?
When should it be delivered?

Mandami un’email di conferma
Send me a confirmation email

Puoi aiutarmi con queste pratiche?
Can you help me with paperwork?

Adesso non ho tempo, sono impegnata
I can’t now, I’m busy

Hai finito di preparare le buste paga?
Have you finished preparing payrolls?

Me ne sono dimenticata!
It slipped my mind

Potresti ricontrollare questo documento per favore?
Could you double check this document, please?

Il direttore vuole vederti subito
The manager wants to see you immediately


Pronto, volevo avvisare che oggi non verrò al lavoro, sono malato
Hello, I am sick and will not be coming in to work today


Pronto, volevo avvisare che oggi arriverò in ritardo, c’è un incidente in autostrada
Hello, I’m running late, there’s a car accident on the highway

Pronto, volevo avvisare che oggi ritarderò di mezz’ora, la macchina non partiva
Hello, I’m running 30 minutes late, my car didn’t start

I hope these basic sentences are helpful in case you’re starting a new job in an Italian office.


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