Have you ever heard the word figurati in Italian? (Part 2)

Have you ever heard the word figurati in Italian? (Part 2)Figurati is a very used Italian expression that can have different meanings. In this article you’re going to learn four uses of the word figurati.

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Figurati comes from the infinitive figurarsi. The verb figurarsi in Italian is used mainly in the second singular person – figurati – in the first plural person – figuriamoci – and in the second plural person – figuratevi. Finally, the verb figurarsi is used also in the polite form – si figuri.

Now, let’s see some of the meanings of the word figurati.

1. No, don’t bother

One of the meanings of figurati can be translated as no, don’t bother.

+ Vuoi che vada io ritirare la lettera in posta?
– Ma no, figurati, ci vado io.
+ Do you want me to go to the post office and take the letter for you?
– No, don’t bother, I’ll go.

2. Let alone

According to the context, figurati can be translated as let alone.

+ Dove vai in vacanza quest’anno?
– Altro che vacanza! Sono al verde! Non ho i soldi per pagare le bollette, figurati per andare in vacanza!
+ Where do you go on holiday this year?
– What? Holiday?! I’m broke! I haven’t enough money to pay the bills, let alone go on holiday!

3. There’s no way

Another use of the word figurarsi can be translated as there’s no way.

Ex: Figurati se Luigi ha preso la patente! Lui odia le auto!
There’s no way Luigi got a driving licence! He hates cars!

4. That’s a surprise

Finally, another meaning of figurarsi can be translated as that’s a surprise and it’s used sarcastically.

+ Daniele è in ritardo
– Eh, figuriamoci!
+ Daniele is late
– Well, that’s a surprise!


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