Eight meanings of the Italian verb girare

Eight meanings of the Italian verb girareSometimes a simple verb you know, like girare – to turn – can actually surprise you. Indeed, it’s one of those Italian verbs that can have more than one meaning.

Do you think you know all the meanings it can have?

If you’re not sure, don’t worry, you’re in the right place because today I’m going to list some of the meanings of the Italian verb girare.

Are you ready to increase your knowledge of the Italian language? Let’s start.

1. To turn

The first meaning of the verb girare is to move something around a central point.

Ex: La ruota sta girando adesso
The wheel is turning now

2. To turn

The second meaning of the Italian verb girare is to change the direction someone’s travelling in.

Ex: Al prossimo incrocio, gira a sinistra
Turn left at the next crossing

3. To visit

Another meaning of girare is to visit a place.

Ex: Abbiamo girato quasi tutta Roma in una settimana
We visited almost every corner of Rome in a week

4. To decide

The fourth meaning of girare is informal and means to decide something on a whim.

Ex: Domani, se mi gira, parto per Parigi
If I feel like, tomorrow I leave for Paris

5. To shoot

Another meaning of the Italian verb girare is to shoot a video or a movie.

Ex: Ieri abbiamo girato un video in Piazza Navona
We shot a video in Piazza Navona yesterday

6. To forward

The verb girare can also mean to send or pass information to somebody else.

Ex: Ho girato la tua email a Paolo
I forwarded your Email to Paolo

7. To circulate

The seventh meaning of girare is to circulate. This meaning of the verb girare is especially used with money, and also with people.

Ultimamente girano troppe banconote false
Lately there are too many fake banknotes circulating

Girano troppi ladri sotto le feste Natalizie
There are too many thieves during Christmas holidays

8. To spread

Finally, another meaning of girare is to spread.

Ex: Sul tuo conto girano molti pettegolezzi
There are many rumours going around about you


How many of these meanings of the verb girare did you already know?


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