Eight Italian slang expressions

Eight Italian slang expressionsEvery language has its own slang expressions. They are used in everyday life with friends. And Italian is no exception.

In fact, there are many different Italian slang expressions that you can use in a specific situation. There are even Italian slang expressions that can change from region to region!

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Then come back on this page because today you’re going to learn eight more slang expressions commonly used in Italian.


Gasarsi is a very common Italian verb. It’s especially used in teen slang and means to get excited.

Ok, hai vinto ma non ti gasare troppo
Ok, you won but don’t get too excited


Fancazzista is another common Italian slang expression. It’s formed by the combination of the words fare un cazzo, meaning do nothing at all. So, fancazzista is a noun used to indicate an idler.

Luciano? E’ un gran fancazzista
Luciano? He’s a great idler


Fulminato is an Italian adjective that in standard Italian means struck by lightening. In Italian slang, however, it’s used to indicate that a person is a little bit crazy.

Giulia? E’ completamente fulminata
Giulia? She’s a total headcase


Sboccare is a very common Italian verb. It’s typically used when you’re young and means to throw up.

Ieri ho sboccato tutta la notte
Yesterday I threw up the whole night


In standard Italian macello means slaughterhouse. However, in Italian slang it means both total mess and a lot of.

a. Il muratore ha fatto un macello. Ha distrutto tutta la casa
The bricklayer made a total mess. He destroyed the whole house

b. C’era un macello di gente al pub
There were a lot of people at the pub


Mollare and piantare in Italian slang have the same meaning and mean to leave something or someone.

a. Ho mollato il lavoro
I quit my job

b. Ho piantato la mia ragazza
I dropped my girlfriend


Bigiare and marinare in Italian slang are usually terms related to school and mean not to show up to a lesson because you have something better to do – like hanging around with friends. Lately, bigiare is definitely much more used than marinare.

Ieri ho bigiato
Ieri ho marinato la scuola
I skipped classes yesterday


Finally attaccarsi (al tram) – literally to attach yourself to the tram – is an Italian slang expression usually used when you don’t want to help someone and you tell him that he will have to handle the situation himself.

Senti, mi dai i tuoi appunti di fisica?
+ Attacati (al tram)!
Look, can you give me your physics notes?
+ You can forget about it!


Have you already heard these eight Italian slang expressions?


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