Traditional recipes from the Marches, Italy

Traditional recipes from the Marches, Italy

Italy is a land of wonderful landscapes, historic buildings and of incredible artistic works.

Italy is also a land where you can find delicious food. It’s not by chance that Pizza, and pasta are the most famous Italian dishes in the world.

However, Italians don’t always eat pizza and pasta!

In fact, Italy offers a wide variety of food and if you travel to Italy, you’ll  notice that each single Italian region has its typical dishes and products.

I’ve already talked about some of the typical dishes of Piedmont and Friuli in two previous articles.

Today, instead, I want to introduce you to some typical dishes from the Marches.


Bruschetta is famous in almost all over the world but I bet almost no one knows that it comes from the Italian region the Marches.

And I also bet that the many of you pronunce it incorrectly. Bruschetta isn’t pronunced broosheta, but broosketta – have a look at Learn Italian sounds.

Bruschetta is a delicious starter dish. If you have some guests at home, you can easily prepare it even if your cooking skills aren’t very good.

Indeed, bruschetta simply consists of some grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with different ingredients.

The most traditional bruschetta is just topped with olive oil and salt, but you can find also bruschette topped with tomatoes, vegetables, cheese or prosciutto.

Here is a video recipe on how to prepare bruschetta:


Another typical dish from the Marches – but also from Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio – is panzanella.

Panzanella is like a salad. It’s a typical Summer dish, fresh and healthy.

To prepare panzanella, you use stale bread. You soak it in the water and squeeze it. Finally, you add it to some tomatoes, onions, basil, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

You can add also other ingredients like anchovies, cucumber, boiled eggs, etc.

If you want to try to prepare panzanella, you can follow this video recipe:


Porchetta is another tasty product from the Marches. In reality, to be precise, its origin is still uncertain and also Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Basilicata, Molise, and Veneto claim that porchetta originated in their region.

Also in this case, the right Italian pronunciation is porketta and not porsheta.

Porchetta is pork roasted over wood and stuffed with different spices like rosemay, garlic, fennel, etc.

In Italy, it’s a prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale (PAT), a traditional agricultural-alimentary product, that’s to say a product with cultural relevance.

Porchetta can be eaten alone, or added to a panino, a sandwitch.


Other dishes typical dishes from the Marches are passatelli and olive ascolane.

Passatelli is a type of pasta made with bread crumbs, eggs and Parmesan cheese and then cooked in chicken broth.

This is one of the easiest type of pasta to prepare at home.

Here the video recipe to cook passatelli:

Olive ascolane, instead, are an Italian starter. This dish is made with olives stuffed with meat and fried.

Here the video recipe to prepare olive ascolane at home:

Did you already know these typical dishes from the Marches?
Did you already eat these dishes? Did you like them?


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