Two creepy places in Italy

Two creepy places in ItalyIn Italy there aren’t only beautiful famous historical buildings but also creepy places. Some of them can be visited, some others, instead, are completely abandoned.

Today I’m going to talk about two abandoned creepy places in Italy.

1. Villa Pastore

Villa Pastore is located in the town of Valenzia, in Piedmont. It was built for the Pastore’s family in the first half of the 19th century.

The family was composed of a man, a woman and their two children, Elisa and Giovanni. The Pastores lived in this villa for some years before abandoning it after the tragedies that struck their lives.

The first tragedy happened in 1837. Elisa died of tubercolosis at the age of 2.

The family placed a red stone in the garden to remember and honor her. And then, life went on.

The second tragedy happened eleven years later. Giovanni was playing the piano in one of the rooms of this villa when part of the ceiling collapsed and hit him. He died at the age of thirteen.

After that the remaining members of the Pastores decided to move to another house.

Villa Pastore was rented to different people until 1950. During these years, some guests swore they saw the ghost of a child in the garden and heard a piano playing during the night.

After the 50’s the villa was uninhabited for nearly 30 years.

In 1980, it was bought by a new family who decided to renovate it. Unfortunately, during the works of renovation another accident happened. Two workers mysteriously died.

Even if it’s not clear if this last accident really happened, Villa Pastore is still considered one of the most haunted places in Italy.

2. Villa Magnoni

Villa Magnoni is located in Cona, in Emilia-Romagna. Many years ago, Villa Magnoni was a beautiful villa, with stables, gardens and even some cottages but now it’s completely abadoned and crumbling.

But why is this house listed among the creepy places in Italy?

Well, the legend says that in the 80s a group of teenagers, out of curiosity, decided to enter the abandoned villa. While they were exploring the ground floor, they heard some children screaming on the first floor.

They ran to the first floor but when they got there, there was no trace of those children.

Scared, they decided to escape from the house. Once they got outside, they heard other screams, so they turned and looked at the house.

But even this time they didn’t see any child. However, when they looked at one of the windows, they saw an old woman. The woman suddenly started to scream, telling them to go away and never return.

Terrified, the four teenagers got in the car and drove away. While driving they had an accident and three of them died.

The forth somehow managed to get home and tell the whole story.

It’s said that after this story, the police decided to wall up Villa Magnoni’s doors and windows to avoid people to get in.

However, a week later, the window where the four teenagers had seen the old woman was mysteriously unwalled.

Since then, some of the people who were brave enough to get close to the creepy house claimed they heard the voice of a woman wispering threateningly.

Is it just a legend or is it all true?

Have you ever come close to one of these two creepy places in Italy? Are there some creepy places in your country?


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