Three unique things to do in Italy

Three unique things to do in italyApart from visiting museums and archeological sites and building there are other unique things to do in Italy.

So, here’s a brief list for you of three unique things you can do while you’re in Italy.


In Italy there are still two active volcanoes and at least nine dormant volcanoes – meaning that they have not erupted in years but are likely to erupt again in the future.

The two Italian active volcanoes are Etna and Stromboli, in Sicily.

So, one of the unique things to do in Italy can be hiking up Etna and Stromboli.

You can choose among different types of hikes.

If you want to hike up Stromboli, one of the most booked hikes is a five hours hike that will lead you to the top crater right before sunset. The price is usually around 30 euros. Be sure to bring with you trekking shoes, a flashlight, an extra cotton shirt, a raincoat and a pullover or a jacket because the summit is usually windy.

If you want to hike up Etna one of the most booked hikes is the one that will lead you to Etna summit crater at 3350 meters. The hike starts at 8.00 am and usually ends around 4.30 pm. You’ll get at 2900 meters with a jeep and then you’ll have to hike for 2 hours to reach the summit. The price is usually around 130 euros. Important notice, children younger than 12 years old can’t make this hike.


The adventures of Pinocchio is one of the most famous Italian books for children both in Italy and abroad. It was written by Carlo Collodi, pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini.

His mother, Angiolina Orzali was a seamstress from the town of Collodi. It’s from the name of this town that Carlo took his pseudonym.

So, it’s not surprising that nowadays Pinocchio’s park stands in the small town of Collodi, in Tuscany.

The park was opened in 1956 and was created to celebrate the book. In the park you can find a museum dedicated to Pinocchio that hosts costums, illustrations and several works of art.

There are also workshops, puppet shows, and action games.

In addition you can visit the Garzoni garden, which hosts a large variety of plants, waterfalls, fountains, a maze, a butterfly house, and much more.

Pinocchio’s Park is managed and owned by the National Carlo Collodi Foundation.

The price of the tickets to visit the park ranges from 18 to 22 euros.

You can have a look at the official website of Collodi’s park for more details.


If you come to Italy at the end of April and go to Cervia, in Emilia Romagna, you can take part in the international kite festival.

This festival was an idea of the Italian painter Claudio Capelli who wanted to bring together all the best wind artists on the planet.

During the international kite festival you can admire kites made in every part of the world piloted by experts. In addition to a great kite show, you can also tak part in concerts, theme markets and also craft activities.

The festival usually last for 12 days and the entrance is free.

More details at artevento.


What are some unique things you have done in Italy?


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