Learn Italian with Italian comics

Learn Italian with Italian comicsLearning Italian can be stressful, it’s true, but it should be an exciting and fun experience too.

For example, you can learn Italian through conversation – which, trust me, it’s really funny and the perfect way to learn informal Italian expressions. You can learn Italian through songs – have a look at Learn to speak Italian with Italian songs for the benefits of songs on language learning.

And you can also learn Italian with Italian comics.

Even schools have started to use comics in the last few years as a teaching method. Now, you can even find comics that teach you physics and statistics – which might have proven very useful when I was in high school, instead of huge horrible boring school texts.

But let’s go back to Italian and language learning. What are the benefits of learning Italian with Italian comics?

There are many positive sides of learning Italian with comics. Let’s see some of them:

1. Comics are a combination of words and images. This means that you can grab the meaning of a sentence/situation more easily since you’ve also a visual clue. So, you won’t use a dictionary very often.

2. The repetition words-images makes it easier to remember new sentences.

3. Since the text used is short and there are images too, comics allow people who don’t like reading to read.

4. You can find comics for children, teenagers or adults. So, everyone can learn reading something they actually like.

5. Italian comics provide examples of everyday vocabulary and offer also cultural insights.

6. Comics are engaging! And allow us to combine “work” with pleasure.

There are many comics you can choose if you want to start learning Italian with comics.

If you’re searching for printed Italian comics only here’s a small list:

Corto Maltese
Alan Ford
Monster Allergy
Dr. Morgue
The secret
Lupo Alberto

By contrast, if you want to start learning Italian with comics that were translated into Italian, you’ve a wide choice. Here are some examples:

Flash Gordon
Tartarughe Ninja

Do you like reading comics? What are your favourite Italian comics?


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