From Italy with love: Italian gift ideas

From Italy with love Italian gift ideasChristmas is approaching fast. Have you already bought all the gifts for your family and friends?

No? Then here are a few Italian gift ideas among which you can choose.


Italy produces tons and tons of good food. However, for people living abroad it’s sometimes difficult to find authentic Italian food in shops or stores – by the way, do you know how to recognize fake Italian food?

Anyway, thanks to online shops part of this problem can be solved.

Let’s see some typical Italian food you can buy online without worries.

Panettone: is a traditional Italian cake that is eaten during the Christmas season. The traditional recipe involves the use of raisins and candied fruits. However, nowadays there are many variants such as panettone with chocolate and figs, panettone with chocolate and pears, etc.

Torrone: is another typical Italian sweet that is eaten during Christmas time. It can be hard or soft and it’s traditionally made with eggs, sugar, honey and almonds/hazelnuts. However, also for torrone many other variants exist such as torrone with chocolate, torrone with pistachios, etc.

Prosciutto crudo: is an Italian dry-cured ham. The most famous DOP proscutto curdo in Italy is Prosciutto di Parma and Prosciutto San Daniele.

Prosciutto cotto: is an Italian cooked ham. The most popular proscutto cotto in Italy is Parmacotto, Ferrarini, Gran Biscotto.


Objects that are part of the nativity scene are a must to have for Christmas in Italy. So, one of the many Italian gift ideas for your family or friends you can think of for Christmas is a hand-crafted wooden statue of the Holy family, or a handmade wood nativity scene.


Another present for Christmas for people who love Italy or simply love beautiful objects can be an object made of Murano glass. You can buy a small bowl or an ornament for the Christmas tree.

Another idea for a present is a hand made and hand painted pottery from Florence. You can decide for an oil and vinegar set, a wine jar or maybe a small tray plate.


In Italy a good coffee is essential to start the day on the right foot. Who doesn’t know espresso? So, one of the best Italian gift ideas for people who love Italy could be a traditional Italian moka express, or an espresso machine.


Finally, Italy is also one of the most producers of oil and vinegar. So, why not to buy a bottle of Italian vinegar and a bottle of Italian olive oil for Christmas?

You can by Aceto Balsamico di Modena Igp or extravergin oliveoil.

Which one of these Italian gift ideas you like most?


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