Italian events in November

Italian events in November

Did you know that every month there are special Italian events in every part of Italy?

Isn’t it awesome? Let’s see some of the events you can join if you happen to be in Italy in November.

1. Barter week

This is the first of the Italian events happening in November that is worth mentioning.

The barter week happens every year in November since 2008 and offers you an incredible occasion: to stay in a B&B in Italy for free.

It seems like a dream, isn’t it?

But there’s a catch.

In exchange for a free staying you have to be ready to barter goods or services.

Which ones, you’re asking? It depends.

The owner of each bed and breakfast that decides to participate in the barter week decides the services he needs. He might be searching for someone who teaches him English, or for someone who builds a website for his B&B, or he might be searching for someone who can make professional photos, etc.

To see a list of all the B&B that participate in the barter week and what they ask for, visit the official website of the barter week.

And remember, this year the barter week will take place from 18 to 24 november, so if you want to get a free staying, you’d better start your research now.

2. Nougat Feast

The second of the list of the Italian events happening in November is the Nougat feast – la festa del torrone.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, il torrone is a special confection originally made with honey, sugar, egg white, and almonds, which is generally eaten in Winter, especially during Christmas holidays.

During the nougat feast that takes place in Cremona from 16th to 24th november, you can find and buy many different types of torroni.

But the Nougat feast is much more. Indeed, there will be puppet shows, stilt walkers, and even a historical parade with men and women in costume.

For more information, visit the official website of the Nougat feast in Cremona.

3. Dinosaurs Exhibition

One of the events you should definitely visit in November if you happen to be in San Lazzaro di Sabena (Bologna) is the dinosaurs exhibition.

The exhibition is organized to give visitors the impression of visiting a prehistoric park.

The exhibition is set in a botanic garden and hosts 30 real-size models of dinosaurs including T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and Titanosaurus.

To get more information about opening hours and tickets price, have a look at the official website of the Dinosaurs Exhibition.

Will you be in Italy in November? Which one of these Italian events would you like to visit the most?


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