Four useful travel tips if you plan to go to Italy

Four useful travel tips if you plan to go to ItalyAre you planning to go to Italy this year – or maybe the next one?

Good, then this article is for you.

In fact, I’d like to give you a few travel tips to spend the best holiday ever.

1. Ciao isn’t for everyone

I know, ciao is one of the most beautiful words in the world. And it has practically become international by now. So, maybe you are used to use it with everyone in your country. Or you’re not but since you’re in Italy you want to show Italians that you can speak a little bit of Italian, so you say ciao to everyone you meet.

But here’s the thing. Italians don’t use ciao with everyone.

Indeed, they use it only with people they know very well, like family and friends. For people you don’t know (well), or your boss, you use buongiorno. So, if you want to ask something to a passer-by you’ll use buongiorno to start your sentence. Start practicing.

2. Pay attention before crossing a street

What I’m about to say usually applies to small towns, not big cities – where traffic lights for pedestrians are in every corner.

In small towns if you want to cross a street remember to look both ways and make sure no one is coming, or that cars are coming to a halt, before crossing. And, yes, this applies even if you’re waiting at a crosswalk!

Making eye contact with drivers, or making a small hand gesture, can usually increase the possibility that drivers stop.

3. Italian breakfast is sweet

Unless you’re visiting a big city, don’t expect to find English/American breakfast when you get into an Italian bar – bar is the Italian word for café, by the way.

Italian breakfast is very different from the one you are accustomed to. It usually includes a drink – usually a coffee, tea or cappuccino – and something sweet – usually croissants or biscuits. That’s it.

4. Keep calm

In Italy things might not work the way you expected. Buses can be terribly late and the line at the post office or at the ticket office can be neverending, just to mention a few.

Unfortunately this is Italy, so remember to keep calm and be positive, after all you’re on holiday!

Have you ever been to Italy? Is there any travel tip you’d like to share with us?


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