Five things about Italians that surprise first-time visitors

Five things about Italians that surprise first-time visitors

During my lessons I meet people from all over the world. Some of them have already visited Italy at least once, some others, instead, haven’t done it yet.

People who did go to Italy, have usually different stories to tell. So, today I’ve decided to write about some of the aspects they didn’t expect to find in Italy.

Here are five things about Italians that might suprise first-time visitors

1. Italians never go out with wet hair

I was actually surprised to hear that someone, somewhere in the world – not in Italy, that’s for sure – is brave enough to go out with wet hair.

Yes, because Italians generally don’t do it. Everyone in Italy knows too well to do such a thing.

What? Are you really suprised? Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t know that if you go out with wet hair you’ll end up getting a colpo d’aria!

Nope? Well, now you do! And I warn you, this is a serious thing in Italy!

2. Not every Italian shouts

Some first-time visitors found very strange that not every Italian shouts. I know, among others, Italians have the reputation of being loud all the time, but seriously, can you imagine a country where people shout all the time? It would be a nightmare!

The idea that every Italian shouts is just a big generalization, the same goes for every Italian is extrovert, come on!

3. Italians always say hello

Someone noticed that Italians always say hello when entering a room or a shop. This is generally true. In a world where people seem often to forget what kindness is, I think saying hello, maybe followed by a big smile, is good thing to do.

4. Stores aren’t always open

First-time visitors found especially weird that stores aren’t always open. Indeed, except for big towns, where you can find stores opened 24h/24, Italian supermarkets are usually open six days a week and their opening hours change a lot and can go from 8:30am to 9,30 or 10 pm.

Many people see this as a drawback, I don’t. This gives people who work in stores the opportunity to rest and spend more time with their family.

Besides, do you really need stores open 24h/24 7 days a week?

Whatever your answer is, I’m curious, so don’t forget to write your opinion in the comments below.

5. Wi-fi isn’t everywhere and doesn’t work everywhere

I’m afraid that’s true. Now, as always, in big cities, things are definitely better than in small towns.

However, do not expect to find wi-fi in every Italian cafè or restaurant that you visit. That’s utopia. Besides, be warned that even if in some cafès or restaurants you find a sign reading “Free Wi-fi” or “Wi-fi gratis”, the wi-fi you’ll get – if it works – could be as slow as a snail.

What are some of the things you didn’t expect to see when you came to Italy the first time?


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