Italian movies – Comedies

Italian movies

Movies are the mirror of a culture. They show its beliefs, its way of being, its traditions and so on. For this reason, I’ve decided to write a series of articles about Italian movies. I’ll start from my favorite: Italian comedies. Italian film producers shoot many comedies every year. Today I’ll list only five of the Italian comedies that have been shot during the years: MISERIA E NOBILTA’ – POVERTY AND NOBILITY Miseria e nobiltà is an Italian comedy directed by Mario Mattioli in 1954. The story is about Felice Sciosciamocca, a man who lives in a small flat with…

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What to see in Rome – The colosseum


Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. Its construction begun in 72 AD under the emperor Vespasian, and was then completed in 80 AD under his successor Titus. It’s estimated that colosseum could hold at least 50.000 spectators. Due to its large capacity it was also structured in such a way that it could be evacuated quickly in case of need. Indeed, it was composed of 80 different entrances. One of these was reserved to the Emperor, three to the roman elite and the remaining seventy-six were for common spectators. Spectators sat in different areas according…

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How to recognize fake Italian food (Part 1)

DOP - Italian food

One of the reasons Italy is best known for is its food. Italians use healthy ingredients and create delicious dishes. People from all over the world love the food the Bel Paese can offer. And nowadays they can even find some typical Italian food at the supermarket without necessarily taking a trip to Italy to taste it. But…are you sure that the food you buy is really Italian? Do you really know what you’re eating? Since Italian food is so loved, it is also one of the most counterfeited products in the world. It’s estimated that trade in counterfeit Italian…

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Italian superlative – superlativo relativo e assoluto


If you’re going to Italy this summer, you might want to know how to say in Italian sentences like: This pizza is very good You’re very beautiful You’re very elegant tonight And knowing how to form and use the Italian superlative can really come in handy. In Italian the superlative has two possible forms: superlativo relativo (superlative relative) and superlativo assoluto (absolute superlative). SUPERLATIVO RELATIVO It indicates that an object or a person has the greatest or least degree of a quality compared to that of other objects or people. FORMATION 1st TERM OF COMPARISON + VERB + ARTICLE +…

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Eight reasons to learn Italian

Learn Italian

In Six reasons to learn a foreign language I talked about some of the reasons why you should start learning a foreign language. Today, I want to share with you eight reasons why you should learn Italian. 1- If you plan to visit Italy, knowing Italian can come in handy. Indeed, not many Italians speak English fluently. And speaking Italian with locals might help you discover beautiful places to visit or good restaurants that tourists usually do not know. 2- Did you know that Italian derives from Latin? And that about 60% of the English vocabulary comes from Latin? Learning…

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