Five Italian sayings about hens and eggs

Italian sayings about hens and eggs

Easter has just passed in Italy, so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some very common Italian idioms about hens and eggs, which are some of the symbols of Easter in Italy. 1. Meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domani This Italian saying concerns both hens and eggs, and is usually used to remind someone that it’s always better to choose to have a sure thing now than to choose the possibility – not the certainty – to have more later. Example: + Puoi fermarti e andartene adesso con 5000 euro o continuare a…

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Frequent mistakes Italians make in Italian (Part 2)

What are the most frequent mistakes Italians make when speaking or writing in Italian? Some weeks ago I talked about mistakes concerning accent and apostrophe – Common mistakes Italians make in Italian – today I’ll talk about some others. 1. VOWEL I The Italian vowel i can be tricky both for Italians and for Italian learners. Indeed, when this vowel is preceded by letter c or g and followed by another vowel, its sound is usually silent. So, it’s not surprising that vowel i is included in the list of the most frequent mistakes Italians usually make. Sometimes Italians do…

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An Italian family friendly region: Trentino Alto Adige

Italian family friendly region

Trentino Alto Adige is a very family friendly Italian region. Indeed, if you go and spend your holidays there, you’ll find that there are many places you can visit with your children. So, let’s see some of the things you can do with your family in Trentino 1. CLIMBING AT FAMILY SAN MARTINO Climbing can be a very family friendly activity, especially in Trentino. Family San Martino is a climbing crag located in Arco, in Trentino Alto Adige, very close to the famous crag Policromuro Massone. Family San Martino has been prepared specifically for families and children and offers 17…

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Three unique things to do in Italy

Three unique things to do in italy

Apart from visiting museums and archeological sites and building there are other unique things to do in Italy. So, here’s a brief list for you of three unique things you can do while you’re in Italy. 1. HINKING UP ACTIVE VOLCANOES In Italy there are still two active volcanoes and at least nine dormant volcanoes – meaning that they have not erupted in years but are likely to erupt again in the future. The two Italian active volcanoes are Etna and Stromboli, in Sicily. So, one of the unique things to do in Italy can be hiking up Etna and…

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Common mistakes Italians make in Italian (Part 1)

Common mistakes Italians make in Italian

Sometimes language learners are afraid of speaking in a foreign language because they’re scared of making mistakes. But they also forget that even native speakers make mistakes when talking or even when writing! So, to make you feel better about your mistakes in Italian, here are some of the most common mistakes Italians make when speaking or writing. THE ACCENT Sometimes, it can be tricky to know whether to use the accent or not in Italian, especially on monosillabic words. So, some Italians either use too many accents or they choose not to use them at all. The fact is…

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