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My name is Chiara and I’m Italian. Since I was a child, languages have always fascinated me. As a result, I spent my university years to hone my teaching and translating skills. I have a degree in Foreign Languages, a postgraduate certificate in Teaching Italian as a foreign language, and a master degree in Translation studies.

Sure, many people can translate a text or give language lessons, but the best results require great passion, an active mind, and flexibility. For example, not anyone has the same skill level or is able to readily adjust to his or her student’s different learning style.

As far as I’m concerned, after having assessed my student’s learning style, I usually create carefully tailored lessons for each one of them. In this way, put at their ease, they can better focus on the subject and speed up their learning process.

When translating, instead, I always try to select words which convey both the meaning, the style, and the aim of the original text. Indeed, translations shouldn’t sound as translations at all.

Finally, given that I consider communication essential, I keep my clients up to date on the status of the projects and, occasionally, I also discuss with them possible solutions.

You can find me also on italki!


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